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Recently we were contacted by an independent film producer who wished to make a five minute documentary film about our company, on behalf of the Daily Telegraph Business section.

Intrigued as to why we had been contacted we were advised that his research department had established that we were considered to be in the top 12 IFA firms operating within the UK. Whilst flattered by this news we were naturally suspicious of such a survey and asked if he could forward to us the source of information.

A survey produced by AdvisoryHQ who claim to be the “fastest growing Financial Review & Ranking News Media” had indeed ranked us as one of the top 12 leading IFA firms in the UK “because we meet all the criteria set out by a rather stringent selection methodology.” We work very hard to deliver a good service to our clients including our regular client financial reviews and therefore such recognition is always welcome. The research concludes with the following observations;

 “Why Was Gee & Watson Ranked as One of the Top 2015 UK IFAs?

  • A vast majority of the firm’s clients have been with the firm for decades; are extremely content with the care and attention they receive; and are eager to recommend the firm to friends, family, and colleagues that are looking for a financial adviser
  • The firm’s advisers are highly qualified and undergo constant training and skills upgrades. This means that the advisory team is always well-positioned to offer new and innovative advice to their clients
  • Gee & Watson has built an impressive reputation over 40+ years, while managing extremely successful portfolios

You should contact this adviser if:

  • You are an individual or corporation seeking advice from one of the top IFAs in the region
  • You would like your portfolio constructed using a range of investment products that leverage tax efficiencies based on your unique tax situation
  • You would like access to your holdings to enable continual monitoring of your own portfolio using the latest in secure electronic technologies
  • Your financial advisory needs include personal planning, corporate planning, and wealth management”

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