Gee and Watson

As required, all our advisers are fully qualified. However, the ‘Holy Grail’ for any financial adviser is to become a ‘Chartered Financial Planner’. As previously reported, two of our financial advisers have achieved this highly regarded qualification, namely Howard Walters and our, recently married Fiona Dragonetti (née Mackay). Not content with such high achievement, Howard continued to gain qualifications to achieve what only a relative few have achieved in becoming a ‘Fellow’.

We now congratulate Fiona, who this week secured another examination success and is now only two steps away from also becoming a ‘Fellow’. Fiona is hoping to achieve this magnificent accolade by the end of this year. One can only wonder as to how her newly acquired husband will receive the news that the woman he married is shortly to become a fellow!

Watch this space…no pressure, Fiona!

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