Gee and Watson

Client login is for the exclusive use of Gee & Watson clients with compatible policies who have requested and have been granted access to this online valuation service. If you have, please click on the link below.

I am a Gee & Watson client and have been granted access to this service

If you are a Gee & Watson client and haven't been granted access, please use the enquiry form provided on this website to find out whether you have policies that are compatible with the service.


Currently this is only working if you are using a unique email address i.e. your spouse, partner, or any other secondary account isn't linked to the same email address.


If you are unable to login, please try one of the following, where appropriate, while you’re on the login page.

  1. If you are using a PC try pressing CTRL key and F5.
  2. If using a Mac, try pressing COMMAND and R.
  3. On an iPad or iPhone you have to double tap on the Refresh button
  4. On an Android device you may need to go into your browser settings and find the delete/clear browsing data option.