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Janus Henderson have announced that they have suspended trading in their UK Commercial Property fund, pending a sale of the assets and the ultimate closure of the fund. This means that it will not be possible to either buy or sell or investments in the fund until the sale process has completed. 

It should be noted that the fund is not in any trouble, but rather Janus Henderson are closing it as part of a strategic review of their business moving forwards. 

Indeed this is a very well-respected fund, with a very high-quality portfolio of properties, and its recent performance has been very strong. 

Because of the attractiveness of the property portfolio we understand that there are a number of buyers who are interested in buying the whole portfolio, and it is expected that the sale will be finalised in the coming weeks, with proceeds expected to be returned to investors by the end of April 2022. 

Upon the closure of the fund the monies will be turned into Cash, and it is hoped that there will be an element of profit in addition to the return of capital, although of course there is no guarantee of this. 

Our recommendation is to re-invest the ultimate cash proceeds in the L&G UK Property fund, and it is our intention to proceed with this switch once the monies have been paid out. If you do not wish for us to take this action, or to delay it until your next review/rebalance, then please contact your usual Gee & Watson adviser.

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