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This is a complex area of financial planning, but one you simply cannot afford to get wrong

We have specialist pension advisers, who can provide independent advice on how to avoid retirement being a financial struggle.

Planning at Retirement

How can you maximise your income at retirement? What arrangements will provide you with the greatest flexibility?  In the event of death, how can you maximise benefits for those left behind?

There are numerous options available but one thing is very clear in this complex area of financial planning, and that is you will need the very best professional advice.

Gee & Watson, having been established for nearly 40 years, is proud of its reputation for providing expert retirement advice.

Planning for Retirement

Most people do not make sufficient provision for their retirement, even though they hope to retire as early as possible and to live much longer than previous generations.

There are many ways you can save towards a comfortable retirement. Contributing towards a suitable pension scheme can secure attractive tax advantages and also ensure that the Government will pay money into your pension fund.  However, there are other methods which will also help you to create a worthwhile retirement fund.

Retirement arrives more quickly than you might imagine, so do not make the mistake of putting off your decisions to a later date, as even the smallest delay can have a significant detrimental impact on your income in retirement.

We want to ensure that you enjoy the best possible retirement, so why not call us on 0151 342 6496, or email us and allow one of our retirement specialists to help you.