Gee and Watson

Wealth management is a Gee & Watson speciality; for over 40 years we have been constructing and managing investment portfolios 

Our strong reputation throughout the UK has been largely due to our success in wealth management.

Wealth management in the simplest of terms is growing your wealth. We construct portfolios based on your appetite for risk and we establish whether you require capital growth, income or a combination of both. We also advise on the tax treatment of different investment products, so that your capital can benefit from being deployed tax efficiently.

Your portfolio will be reviewed at regular intervals, as agreed with you at outset. We have a range of different service propositions depending on your requirements. We are fully committed to providing a continuing review service, and we commit considerable resources to ensure that you receive the very best service. We employ the latest technology, to help us deliver the level of service which you require. We can even provide you with secure electronic access to your holdings, so that you can obtain up-to-date valuations, whenever you choose. We pride ourselves on creating a strong, long-lasting, successful relationship with our clients.

We are confident you will be impressed with what we have to offer, so why not contact us on 0151 342 6496, or email us and we will contact you.