Gee and Watson

Adrian Cleator Director/Financial Adviser

Location: Heswall Office

Adrian, in his own words, has been in the financial services industry “longer than he cares to mention”, but we all know it’s been much longer than that! He started his career in financial services in 1978, and after 10 years climbing the ladder, successively with Norwich Union (now Aviva) and Standard Life, and declining opportunities that would have taken him around the country, he joined the ‘independent’ sector with Gee & Watson as an adviser in 1988.

Adrian, a self-confessed Wirral man through and through, was invited to join the Gee & Watson Board of Directors in 1989, which he readily accepted. Again, in Adrian’s own words, he is ‘fully badged’, which insinuates to us, he ‘moonlights’ taxi driving in his spare time. However, we think he means he’s achieved the ‘Holy Grail’, the G60 pensions exam, and is an Accredited Pensions Specialist. He also has Financial Planning Certificates, and more recently obtained his Diploma in Financial Planning.